>It’s just the word that we worship from one era to another era. Ancient culture worshiped perfection from their King. Classicism era worshiped perfection from philosophy. Renaissance era worshiped perfection from art. Modern era worshiped perfection from money and power. Postmodern era worshiped perfection from human mind.

Let’s just say that every human always has a weakness for perfection. Era through era, the things change but the main idea of worshiping is the same, perfection. Nearest example are from today’s culture. Let’s admit it, even though we’re already in postmodern area, somehow our modern culture still exists in every aspect of life. Few groups already show their lifestyle as postmodernism, show but not state because when you stated it, the essence of postmodernism will be gone. But still, all of our daily lives are ruled by a modern way.

Achieving perfection in a modern way is usually about physical world or material world. All the capitalism that makes us work 9-5 hours, 5 days a week. The entire ‘money is everything’ slogan. Living in suburban area and working in metropolitan city. Having a house with rooms for each occupant. Each of those rooms completed by a bathroom, television set, computer set, book shelves, and many other things that should be put in a living area. Each of those occupants drives his/her own car, means that your house garage is extensive. Each occupant is seldom talking with the others because of office hours. Having a life scheduled, born, school, graduated, work, getting mature, getting money, getting rich, getting married, having children, getting old, die. All of our lives in this era is being patterned. For our perspective, that’s perfection. You can’t escape it, because when you choose other way, all the people around you will talk you to dead. My, we should pitying our self.

Whether you realize it or not, whether you contradict my words, our entire mind already set in that way. We’re living in modern way, and our entire path is in modern way. Even all of our choices are taken in modern perspective, we are worshiped perfection in money and power in physical and material world.


First, when we are born, or even when our parents are pregnant with us, they choose perfect gynecologist. They eat perfect foods. Drink perfect vitamins. Listen perfect music. Choose a perfect hospital. Give perfect milk. Prepare a perfect nest. All perfection.

Second, when we grow up, they choose a perfect school for us. Choose perfect friends. Give perfect toys, or whatever suitable for our age, like perfect books, perfect dresses, perfect car, and perfect cellular. Again, everything is in a perfect order.

Third, after all of those patterns, we graduate and start our own lives in a perfect order. Choose perfect office, perfect work, even perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, perfect marriage ceremony, perfect house, perfect family pets, perfect everything.

Now can you see our twisted world? I mean, what is perfect anyway? When will we realize that making perfect plan for our life won’t make it perfect? Human can plan in the first place, but God will decide later. Wasting your time to planning everything will make you forget how to live your life. I can say it because I experienced it before.

All my life, I become a walking-planner for everything I’ve done. And that’s just tiring, not to say that the reality always bites. Hundreds experiences is trying to tell me something, don’t you think so? Life teach me hard way, but after I see it with clearer view, I think I understand the reason behind it. God want me to stop planning anything.

From now on, instead of wasting time for planning everything, I just want to enjoy every seconds I have doing anything I like. That way, at least I’ll have perfect memories about my own life. I really wish this decision will lead me to better ending. But if it’s not, at least I won’t regret anything at all.

Have a great life, everyone :)


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  1. >nya, this is really good. tho i feel like i was reading one of our college study material (like postmodernism, modernism, etc bla bla bla) haha.. but really, it is enlightening, it made me think a lot, and really, i should have try to stop planning hahaha.. thank you for sharing.

  2. >yeah you're right all of our lives in this era is being patterned. in fact for many of us we are die hard creatures of habits, we love patterns,they make our lives easier. but, even if we do something repetitively, as long as we are mindful it will be new, it will be fresh. it’s only a matter of awareness, a habit only becomes boring when we become unaware. =)

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