>Little girl
Learning about hurts
When shits happened in her life
Thinking about giving up
But the pain won’t go

Sometimes she wish she was born heartless
So she’ll feel nothing
When shits happened in her life
Just like today

Eventhough her heart’s ache
Her mind’s screaming
Her tears won’t come
No peace inside her
Everything’s draining inside
Emotion’s bursting
Feel like she’s going to explode

It’s hurt like hell
But nothing coming out
It’s hurt like shit
But sure she manage to disguise it
Eventhough she choose to cry
But for some reason the tears won’t come

She’ll put make up on her face
Smokey eyes, bold mascara
Pink blush on, red lipstick
She’ll wear her hair hazardly
Wearing sexy red dress, too short for her legs
Black stocking and red high heels
Bring her clutch
And going out alone
To she doesn’t know where

She’ll find a bar,
Where no one know about her
Sit near the bartender
Drink till she drunk
Smoking light cigarettes
Her face is dark
Throwing glance around her
Seeing people at trance
Few groups laughing together
Couples kissing hotly
Dj playing the music loudly
She’ll dance her legs out
Sure loneliness killed her inside
But she maintain to hang on
Because she know
Physical pain mean nothing

She’ll put one perfect fake smile on her face
Lift her chin up
Walk like she doesn’t care for anything
She’s just a little girl
But sure she’s strong
Because she can disguise her pain well

And tomorrow,
She’ll get up
Like no shits happened yesterday
She’ll put one perfect fake smile on her face
So no one know what happen inside her

She’ll forgive herself
And the world around her
Eventhough she’ll never forget
But life’s goes on
So she learn to heal herself
And pretend that everything’s alright
And wishing inside
That everything’s really going to be alright someday


3 responses »

  1. >When you wake up one morning and realize its over,that theres no more pain,no more suffering,no more crying ; Thats wen youve truely learned to have loved and lost,recover and truely be happy again.

  2. >why would u think that this is about me? can u imagine me in red dress, black stocking, high heels, smoking, drinking, and dancing alone?anyway, such a man to tell me to pay for the bill.

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