Perfectly Pervert


I’ve just read an article in a random blog and I laugh so hard because the article is so damn right. It’s about facebook and all the creepy freedom in it. You may read it from here.

Haven’t read all of the comments there, but pretty sure she doesn’t include one specific disturbing fact about facebook account, or facebook account in my country at least (because I don’t know what happen in other country). In my country, most people use facebook as the advertising media. It’s not that they make some pages or what (I tolerate pages because we choose to be the part of pages), they make an account for their online shop. And the most disturbing thing is, they keep tagging us with their sales pictures. With a lot of their sales pictures. There was a time when I could remove 6 (and even more!) pictures about all the things I don’t wanna buy.

And that is when I draw a thick-bold-line that I would never accept a friend that have some shop-word in its name.

I even read somewhere that facebook make some random feature that one specific user could find people with the same interest with them, with the same country with them, randomly! It’s not amazing, it’s creepy! Example: you’re a new mom with a little baby girl and A-online shop is a shop that sells specific newborn baby things. Somehow, the A-shop can easily find you in friend finder menu and ask to be your friend. And that’s what I called perfectly pervert.

But even after I refusing to accept those shop-friend-request, they’re keep getting smarter day by day. Some of this online shop still using their real name to sell things. And me, for not being rude, accepted their friend request just because I thought I know them. Imagine that your friend or someone you know from your life ask you to be their friend, what will you do? Of course, again, for the sake of friendship, I am accepting them. Just to regret it later because my long-lost-friend actually selling things with their real facebook account with their names on it. And they’re always tagging me with their pictures. Yeah I regret it. A LOT.

But somehow, I understand their reason. Where else could you find a place where you could sell things without paying any rental cost and advertising cost and zillion of people can see it?

At least in twitter, they couldn’t tag you if they want to sell something. And don’t make me start to talk about the most nuisance thing at all, blackberry.


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