An end is always a new beginning


January is going steady. It’s rainy, cloudy, windy, and chilly, and it’s wonderful, except the fact that my work is start already. Long sigh. I guess I need to wait another 8 months for another full week holiday.

I didn’t make any contemplation for last year. It’s just nice to know I’m alive.

Last year is quite good. I’ve got some trips back there (without my parent’s money :D). I’ve got one broadway like musical-theatre (well, with a help from my office, I work my ass hard for that, fyi). Brava Lion King! I’ve got Universal (without theJurrasicParkand Transformer Ride, btw huhuhu..but I’ve got my boyfriend with me :D so it was awesome). My eeyores become full a dozen (okay, that’s my boyfriend work). I’ve got dolphin hunting in the sea at the perfect Bali with some great friends. I’ve passed my first and second semester with quite a score. I could drive between cities, yay!, alone. Again, without my parent’s money. That the best part. 

The best part, I got him for a full year (and again). I really don’t care if I have no one at all, as long as he’s right beside me.

So for the next year, I don’t prepare any resolution. I just intend to survive the doomsday. Haha kidding. What I mean is I intend to survive again.

Anyway, have a merry year, people! Keep awesome :D


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