Vampire does exist


Now I start to believe that vampire does exist in this world, nowadays. But despite drinking blood, they suck other’s happiness like candies. Worst than the real vampire, they could walk in the sun without getting burn, and they aren’t afraid with the cross. They won’t live forever, but when they die, there’s always another to replace them. They never need their own blood to procreate, only by spreading venom of hatred toward others and they would multiply, as easy as that. They are disease, and it’s easy to get us infected.

From all the people kind in the world, the one I detest most is the one who hate to see others happy, and simply having pleasure by seeing others suffering. Oh yeah I definitely have some of this kind of this in my life. Luckily, I haven’t reach adult age yet, so I don’t need to clash with them, literally face to face, skin to skin. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t hear what they did to the one I care. Frequently, and sadistically.

Funny, in this life, there’s too many people who very like to talk about how important families are, literally and un, and so easily to hurt the one they call family, literally and un. They could be slander A to the B’s ears one minute and do the vice versa in the next minute. They could laugh and hug and kiss in the front and scream, and yell, and slap in the back. They could, as many could say, act exactly like a drama queen. And they could, as few would say, be a bitch. They are usually greedy, and miserable, and annoying. And the funny thing is, they never care that they would hurt others.

They would never use physical damage. Only mental, using the most powerful ammunition in the world, words, many of it, in all language that they could understand and understood. But maybe you could understand that sometimes mental hurt is more damaging than physical.

That could apply to the term friend, too. So much for the world peace, isn’t it?

There’s a saying that joke: some people only live just because it’s illegal to kill them. And lately, I definitely agree with those words, but who am I to judge? I know life is hard, for some, and harder for the others. And as a human, we wouldn’t understand other’s life just because we didn’t experience it firsthand. But it doesn’t mean that I could wipe anything they had did in the sake of their satisfaction. I won’t forget, ever. But I won’t even think to repay it, it’s a waste of time and we, human, sure don’t have much of it. Maybe those human-vampire have much of it.

I only feel pity towards them, and a little bit annoyed sometimes.

That’s why I never care that much to for the word. What important is the bond inside.

And we make our own happiness. There’s always someone who would always be beside us, why would we need others who don’t even care. 

So if you find something like that in your life, just say: ‘Kiss my ass, bitch.’ After all, they’re going to be happy if we sad, why accommodate them? :p


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