December to January


Welcome back to myself! Happy 2013 to all of you! An end is always a new beginning.

It’s been a long sabbatical from writing, I mean, here. I wrote, alright, just my writing isn’t exactly blog material.

…except if you want to read about the effect of universal return toward Indonesian market using the crown prince APT, not using the high and mighty king CAPM…

That’s my thesis topic, anyway. Well, just remembering it makes me a little bit grumpy. Ah, forget about it, shall we?

Now, what should I do, or write, here? Let me see, this is my first day at the office, I mean for this year (I am not getting a new job). I woke too early this morning. My office hour start at 07.00, and I arrive at the bloody 06.30. 07.00 is insane, I know, and I beat it by 30 minutes. Of course it’s not because my eagerness to start the day. It’s because, well, I miscalculate the traffic. You see, they said that yesterday traffic was so awful, so I thought it’s going to be the same today. Well, it’s not. Anyway, too early is still more preferable than traffic. And I get a ‘VIP’ parking lot. My office condition, well, it’s dusty. Three weeks abandoned, what can I say? It looks (and feels) same, as before, as last year.

After few hours chapel-ing, another few chatting with my colleagues, another hour for lunch, here I am still doing nothing, at least nothing productive. I should finish my (almost forgotten) works, but what can I say, holiday mood can’t go away.

So, here I am, totally wasting my day, just to tell you that I’m so happy to be alive for another year. It’s not because the stupid doomsday theory that I feel this way. Who believe that, anyway?

Let me rephrase it. By alive, I mean humanly alive, or simply to say, I feel human.

To conclude it, last year was not easy. I live in the longest two semesters of my postgraduate life (well, I only experienced one hardest semester in my undergraduate program). No wonder normal people taking no interest to enroll themselves into postgraduate program. Postgraduate means that I’ve got to many things to do while the time still consist of 24 hours per days, for each of 366 days. It’s not enough. Too many times that I wish for longer day, week, month, I couldn’t count it anymore. It’s tiring. And draining.

Maybe I -just- failed to get the rhythm.

After living it almost a full year, one day in the cloudy December, a tiny strong thought sipping through my mind. I had enough. And I’ve got my first soundless sleep in that year. After that, well, funny to say that all the road seems clear to goes by. I, truly, survive. Awesome, isn’t it?

So, what did I learn from last year?
1. Saying enough doesn’t mean giving up.
That brings me to the saying:
2. When it is meant to be, it is meant to be. When it’s not, well, it it’s not.
3. Never count the time as 24 hours per day; you should count it as 86.400 secs.
That brings me to the saying:
4. Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.

Last but not least, for all of you, live yourself, I mean ourself, fully completely wholly. Happy New Life, everyone! See you in another story!

Sincerelly (:


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  1. So glad to read your post again, miss! and i got inspired by your writings. same problem here, seems like 24 hours it’s not enough (for sleep – LOL), so better see it as 86400 secs, make me more productive i guess..

    well, happy new year! hopefully this year we’ll get more life inspiring year! :D

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